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Created 31-Aug-21
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Reflect Revolve Repeat: 10 5" reflective and translucent acrylic cubes w/ puzzle poem, leds. $250

Each cube hangs on point and is half mirror acrylic and half transparent colored acrylic. Each cube features a unique color combination, a unique etched symbol, and a line from a poem. Use the symbol sequencing key to read the lines of the poem in order. Solar string lights included for nighttime glow. Lights attached via velcro for remote charging if the installation isn't hung where it can get sunlight.

Poem can be read circularly, in order starting from any line.
Poem text:
Then I woke up
The air was black
With sparkles of myself
I was everywhere
Flipped and flopped in space
Unspecified gravity
I floated up and inside out
Red shifted eyes
Blue shifted mind
I met myself like an old friend

Originally exhibited at Kiwiburn.

Condition: Some tape marks on corners from original assembly. Comes disassembled for efficient storage, but I can tell you how to put them together.

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