Created 26-Sep-21
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Petal Potential: Personal growth mantra poem on 8 wood and mirror acrylic panels. Indoor. $100

Each panel is 30.5" x 12".

Poem reads:
i'm alone within a crowd/ this egg is hard to crack/but i feel strength in my wings to soar
i'm listening to many tangled voices/ my ears are burning with new information/ my muscles are igniting with new energy
i'm peering through eyes of many colors/ sometimes i don't recognize what i see/ the hues become more complementary the more i focus
i'm reflecting on my actions and reactions/ i regret the hurt i have caused myself and others/ i'm learning from myself and others how to build love
i'm doing research to inform my strategies/ sometimes i feel naive/ i vow to teach the ignorant parts of myself
i'm showing up for our community/ the risks are daunting/ i know the greater threats feed on inaction
i'm working to become more antiracist every day/ i'm feeling growing pains/ it feels healthy to grow
i'm flying high for our community/ i worry my wings may fall weary/ but with so many in flight, we'll hold each other up

Originally exhibited on Mercer St, Downtown Seattle.

Condition: like new.
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