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Little Words: 24-page first reader board book. $10 NE Seattle pickup or $15 includes shipping in US.

I self-published this book and still have many copies available.

I wrote Little Words for my preschool age kids, designed for their reading levels and silly sense of humor.

Little Words is a 24-page first reader board book designed for beginning readers, geared toward ages 2-5, although I've had great feedback from older kids as well. Each of the 12 spreads features a set of 3 three-letter words and a funny illustration. The closed book measures 4" x 6" and is printed on sturdy board book stock.
The book is unique in that it features groupings of easy to read words with similar letters so the reader can practice recognizing letter combinations and reading full words rather than guessing. It also uses a mix of common and less common words and concepts, offering a fun balance of independent reading and opportunities to expand vocabulary.

Condition: New.
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